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“Making It An Attainable Goal” Dreams --> Reality

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

This may be the most powerful statement someone has spoken to me recently. Or maybe it was the timing in hearing it...

The question is: How do you make something so distant an obtainable goal? And as soon as I formed this question my brain knew the answer. My topic is travel but this can literally be applied to anything. Dreams can become reality with a little preparing!

1. Decide what you want. Name it specifically.

2. Decide why you don’t already have that. (Money/ time).

3. Plan a solution. Find the money. Define a time.

4. Put it on the calendar.

5. Visualize. Think through it. Flow with your plans, and examine proactively for anything that might increase your quality time.

And so.... with life there are always reasons to wait. To keep cycling through the exact patterns of the days and routine. To keep going with the familiar. Maybe what you want is huge. Out of grasp. Seems impossible.

Expand your imagination.

Is this desire really that far stretched? You are on planet traveling at about 1.6 million miles (2.6 million km) a day, or 66,627 mph (107,226 km/h) and the majority of that rotation you don’t even know you’re spinning (do you??)! Did you even realize how fast or far you were moving just by being present? You are rotating the sun as you sleep and your body is wired to keep breathing, blood pumping, and thoughts connecting without any effort from you what so ever. How much more can you do with an intention? First know: anything that you want to do is actually possible.

But But But....

I know. Its money isn’t it? Most of the time it is because we live right up to our means. Lifestyles are expensive to maintain! So the first thing you have to do is repair your relationship with your finances. Don’t be mad about how much you make or take home. Don’t be mad about how much your bills are. That is wasted energy. Instead, right now name all of the things that you are grateful for that you already have. Maybe the things you take for granted every day like hot running water and instant electricity have become boring. I know if you’re living in today’s modern era it is easy to take for granted all the comforts of home. I think the first step is really gratitude. Look around you and start listing the things you see as your gratefuls!

Understanding how hard people work to not have to go hunting every day for their food or send mail that took weeks for a response across the country. And take a deep breath and just be grateful you live in this time where convenience and immediate gratification are the norm. Relax, your troubles are first world problems, which are good problems to have!

Then let’s take that convenience and instant gratification and make it yours to own. Look at the things you are paying for and what type of pleasure they bring you. Look at your spending habits and figure out which is easier for you: Lowering expenses or raising income? No buts. I know. We all have limitations. Push past them and be creative.

Prioritize: Then work your assets. Things like income tax returns or gifts. Look at resources that you have or have not been putting to work for you.

Forgive! If in the past you have not followed through with intentions you made with your own self your first step now is to forgive that pattern and break it. We will no longer say things to ourselves that we don’t mean. If you commit to something hold yourself accountable and prove to yourself that your words become reality.

And then: map it. If by some crazy occurrence it works out, what’s your best scenario? It’s also a good idea to have some plan B’s in case plans become challenged by weather or unforeseen events, know what your options are.

Calendar: Once the decision is made, commit. Once it's written in ink, believe that it is going to happen and move into your next phase of planning. Address accommodations, travel while there (rental car? public transit?) Print maps, print contact info of your wish list places, and make a folder of all the things you might need. Wi-Fi doesn't always cooperate when you are in a remote place and hard copies are lifesaving!

Visualize: I am a bit obsessive by nature, but when I have a trip coming up I think of every part of it ahead of time. Weather (clothes), Distance (travel time), Activities (options)... these all run through my mind seeking response. I may over plan, but plan a and b are not in vain, if plan c or d need to kick in. I am willing to be flexible, but not unprepared. While it is impossible to plan for everything, it's wise to be proactive. Get extra medication, grab a few comfort items, and make it your own happy time!

Make Trip Goals.

What do you need right now? Peace and quiet? Adventure and exploration? A little of both? Some travel is more about history and culture while other is meant for self-discovery.

Look inside of yourself honestly before planning an itinerary. Check in with those traveling with you and consider their special needs. Do we need early morning departures or extra morning sleep time? I always make a list of a few things I want to accomplish on my journey, and again once I've decided it's a commitment I am not willing to break to myself.

And that thing that you want? Make it an obtainable goal. Sometimes all you need is a person to tell you that at the right time, and next thing you know the vision is already beginning to focus.

~~Be blessed in all your travels, near and far~~

My personal travel goal is to see Egypt. I've been all over the US road trip after road trip, and a few cross-country expeditions. I feel like I had to work my way up to this level of vacationing and exploring. I love the land I live on but totally want to expand my own vision, and travel abroad. This past year with travel restrictions I had to readjust some of my plans, but I am back in action with this on my calendar.

To increase my travel budget I have designated additional work/ funds to build my budget.

Direct marketing has helped me to prepare and I have found a way to reach people, provide solutions and receive benefits that include, more travel! Since my goals are health, wellness and travel, all of this is wrapped up into one place. I feel free, I feel like me 💜

I believe traveling feeds our soul in a way nothing else does. When you visit places you have never been, it reminds you how many endless possibilities exist. Every time I've explored somewhere new, I feel like I have grown as an individual. Culture. Art. History. Nature. We travel so we can be immersed. So we can escape. So we can appreciate. So we can understand.

All things are possible for those who believe, thank you for sharing the journey,

Mz. Savvy

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