The Planning: How are we gonna do this?

Updated: Jan 9

How do you begin the planning process? Family travel is a lot to organize, and I am here to make this easier and affordable for you! The biggest difference for children from lower socioeconomic families and higher socioeconomic families boils down to one thing: NOT money - Experience. Enjoy them while you can, they grow fast. If you have 18 summers with your children, let's make the most of them! Affordably of course.

#1. Pick a Destination

This can be anything from the park up the street to a plane trip across the Country!

#2. Budget

No one likes this part but really ask yourself: How much will this cost? Include food (unless you are bringing it with you) and any other necessities. Then compare what this trip needs to happen to what you have, and come up with an amount.

#3. Time

How long will this take - to ENJOY! Always plan your trips to be enjoyed. If you are not able to make the best of it, you are missing the point of going places. If you are hiking, give yourself a little extra time, if you are going to the movies times may be a little easier to be predicted. But make a timeline that flows. Research Trip Advisor for places in that area and see what you would like to explore in the area. You don't want to find out after you return that you were right by a landmark you would have loved to see. Also look at free options in the area. Make an itinerary. Then break down the itinerary and compare with your budget.

#4. Pay

Once you have a schedule, then see what you can start paying for prior to the trip. This will free up funds when you are actually there. If there is a flight or road trip (gas funds) these costs you know well in advance and can either pay or put to the side. Keep this money separate, you will know what spending money you have available.

#5 Be Flexible

This may be the hardest. Sometimes plans just don't play out as planned. Still focus on being a problem solver and making the most of the day. It started raining on your picnic..... maybe puddle jumping sounds fun, or maybe you need to move to another location, maybe you have to eat in the car. But try to make it look to your kids like you have the solution even if you have to fake it.

#6 Designate

Once those kids can walk they are helpers! Kids love to help, it gives them pride and self confidence. Let them help carry. Put them in charge of somethings - part of this may be knowing your kids and their strengths and weaknesses. Keep it fun but always have a designation, even if it's something like "you count how many trees there are" which you may have no real need of, then praise them for doing the job well. This creates the expectation and engages more. Teaches some accountability which will come in handy later down the road as they grow. I prefer jobs like you wipe the table with a baby wipe before we eat or you collect the trash and put it in the bag, but really any job is better than no job!

#7 Forgive

Yourself and Kids

For all of the imperfections of the day

There will be good days and bad days. If it all fell apart, that's ok. Parenting is brave and courageous. It is NOT easy. But pick yourself up and try again. Sometimes you may need to bring in reinforcements. Can a friend or grandparent come? Can you adjust a part of the outing to make it easier on yourself? Figure out where it's falling apart and lets trouble shoot. What ever you do: Do NOT GIVE UP.

ANYTHING you can plan you can do!

Make those bucket lists and dream big.

Don't feel intimidated by reality, it's time to organize and make it happen.

Ready for more? Let's take a trip....

Click the links below to see some of our favorite family adventures, for ideas and itineraries!

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Thank you,

Mz. Savvy

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