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Hello! Nice to meet you 💓 

Join a Yoga & Art Retreat:  Begin prioritizing mental health, creative clarity and intentional time. 

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Majestically Montana


Noxon, Montana      July 24-27, 2024 - No Space Remaining.

Synergy by Melissa and Whole Image Wellness partner again to bring you this unique retreat!

Angelique and I are thrilled to announce this 4-day, 3-night Yoga & Art Retreat in the Treasure State. On the scenic Bull River in a peaceful, rural area surrounded by a national forest and wildlife, we chose a location that would set the tone for our quality time together. Experience captivating mountain and river views out your back door, while completely immersing yourself with nature!


The Majestically Montana retreat will provide participants with two yoga classes daily and one art class each day. All meals--breakfast, lunch and dinner--will be home-cooked for you!

Rooms are limited - Take advantage of the Early Bird Special and Book your room/ bed now!


The Art of Travel 

When you explore the land beyond your own circle, you expand your thoughts and understanding of everything connected. Travel is proven to increase problem solving, creativity and self esteem.

Travel/ experience is the single biggest factor in the socioeconomic disparity between classes. People who are more experienced with the world, present themselves as more educated, regardless of quality of school attended, or savings in the bank. 

Traveling in a spiritual sense, helps you to better know the greatness of our creator, who made all of this simply for our attention. The drastic difference between the turquoise ocean, and the red cliffs of the desert  can inspire wonder and awe in a way that nothing else in our day to day lives can quite illustrate. Let's go see it all 💜

Salt Water and light
Zen 4.jpg
Create Your Zen Itinerary

Review of Previous Retreat:
The Colorado Glen Eyrie
Yoga & Art Retreat
Create Your Zen
June 21-24, 2023

Art is not about the product, but the process. With a variety of skill levels, everyone was able to experience the colors and environment in a creative way. This was a real life goal met for me, and I am excited to say there will be more on location classes coming!

Art Lesson

I'm so proud of everyone diving into something that may have seemed hard! I admire the spirit of willingness to try which showed up! 

Trip Highlights

Fifteen amazing individuals came to The Glen View Lodge at the Glen Eyrie Estate where each morning we woke up to red rock spires that climbed the clouds surrounding us! The magnificent landscape was the perfect backdrop for our mental reset, and spiritual attunement.

  • 4 days and 3 nights at the Glen Eyrie Estate, surrounded by stunning nature and historic beauty!

  • Yoga each morning at 7 am in the grassy flat, and a second class (times varied) including Restorative Yoga from 7:30 - 9PM where a guided mediation and deep stretch relaxed every muscle in your body.

  • Two Art Classes, with all materials included. We paint our own souvenirs! Day 1 we experimented with focal point, foreground, midground and background, and covered the canvas with our colors. Day 2 we went a little deeper beginning with an art therapy exercise, "create you monster" and diving into our masterpieces. 

  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner provided in the Castle, delicious meals with variety, made fresh with excellence.

  • Explored any of the 16 trails right on the property! Trail levels from easy to difficult in a breathtaking atmosphere.

  • Ventured over to the Garden of the Gods Park, which we explored and climbed! We learned this City Park is the second most visited park in the country, next to the Smokey Mountains! We loved the hike and being able to get up into those beautiful red rocks! I will be blogging about this to give more info for travelers. 

  • Some of us made time to explore the town of Colorado Springs, and surrounding areas. It was fun to go exploring with our new and old friends. Lots of connections were made!

  • Enjoyed the firepit in the evenings, thanks to John who was a natural for getting it started and turning it off.  We were able to burn our monsters, get close to the moon, and ponder everything in the universe by that fire!

  • Some of our group caught the sunrise from the Grave trail. They took some amazing photos and shared with the group.

  • Amenities included hammocks, corn hole, and board games.

  • Gourmet teatime in the castle music room or booked a castle tour as desired.

  • Mentally reset, recharging our souls, focusing on restoration and creativity. Tapping into the parts of ourselves that we often neglect in the day-to-day life, we focused on our own style and gave permission to be!

  • Wi-Fi was available, but no TVs in any of our rooms! This was a great break!

  • The Ropes Course and challenge adventure was quite the group bonding experience, we all truly became a team and found some deeply rooted faith. Wow! Talk about an adventure! Not only did groups of 3 climb the wall, but they shared a cup of water on the climb up really working as a team and communicating. Those below were able to hold the ropes and offer guidance and support (literally) as needed. 

  • Our Zen theme was perfect for this experience. However, if we had to rename it now, we'd like to consider "I can do hard things" as a close runner up! 

Zen Rock Climb

Create Your Zen 

Our Yoga & Art retreat at the Glen Eyrie and all of the goodness that grew.

Garden of the Gods collage

Yoga with Angelique is a gift to your body and mind. In the lodge we practiced Restorative Yoga which consists of long deep stretches, and guided meditation. Outside, our 7 AM classes gave us a great way to greet the sun as it came up over the canyon. Deer and Big Horn Sheep came to watch us!

Hello, nice to meet you!

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The art of working together to create a greater result is my specialty. Synergy by Melissa was created to build a bridge between where you are and where you are going. As a Coach, consultant and creative designer I am able to personalize each project accordingly. 

Fine Art - I will create your custom piece with all of the detail you share, bringing your vision to life. 

Early Intervention - Providing interventions and family coaching that will ensure your child builds on the skills they hold, ensuring positive learning gains.

Content Creation - While you are planning event, I can personalize the visuals for your personal media, providing all the support you need for marketing the idea.

Travel & Itinerary support - Book one of our Spiritual Yoga & Art Retreats, Or tap into prior vacations to plan your vacation with research and detail already proven.  My website has a variety of ideas for your itinerary!

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