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The Colorado Glen Eyrie Retreat- Yoga & Art Create Your Zen
June 21-24, 2023
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Trip Highlights

Wake up to a castle surrounded by red rock spires that climb the clouds surrounding you! 

  • 4 days and 3 nights at the Glen Eyrie Estate, surrounded by stunning nature and historic beauty

  • 2 Yoga Classes each day

  • 1 Art Class each day, with all materials included. Paint your own souvenir!

  • Sleep in the Glen View Lodge in a Shared Room (Single Accommodations available)

  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included

  • Explore any of the 16  trails right here on the property! Trail levels range from easy to difficult in a breathtaking atmosphere.

  • Right next door is the Garden of the Gods park, which we will set aside time to explore.

  • Amenities available on the estate include hammocks, corn hole, and board games.

  • Enjoy gourmet tea or coffee in the castle in the music room or in the library café. 

  • Mentally reset, recharging your soul, focusing on restoration and creativity.

  • Wi-Fi is available

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The Art of Travel 

When you explore the land beyond your own circle, you expand your thoughts and understanding of everything connected. Travel is proven to increase problem solving, creativity and self esteem.

Travel/ experience is the single biggest factor in the socioeconomic disparity between classes. People who are more experienced with the world, present themselves as more educated, regardless of quality of school attended, or savings in the bank. 

Traveling in a spiritual sense, helps you to better know the greatness of our creator, who made all of this simply for our attention. The drastic difference between the turquoise ocean, and the red cliffs of the desert  can inspire wonder and awe in a way that nothing else in our day to day lives can quite illustrate. Let's go see it all 💜


Hello, nice to meet you!

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The art of working together to create a greater result is my specialty.

Fine Art - I will create your custom piece with all of the detail you share, bringing your vision to life. 

Early Intervention - Providing services that will ensure your child builds on the skills they hold, ensuring positive learning gains.

Content Creation - While you are planning event, I can personalize the visuals for your personal media, providing all the support you need for marketing the idea.

Travel & Itinerary support - Book one of our Spiritual Yoga & Art Retreats, Or tap in to prior vacations to plan your vacation with research and detail already proven.  

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