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Early Childhood Resources


Early Childhood links and resources... for home schooling/ parent educators

I have been sharing some of my favorite family education ideas on Facebook, and unfortunately some of the links are being removed and deemed "against community standards on spam", so I'd like to open this forum for sharing links and virtual learning we can all benefit from while we are spending more time than usual at home. 

I am a Teacher Certified Pre-K - 3, K-6, and ESOL endorsed in the state of Florida. I am currently working as a Head Start Instructional Coach for my school district and have been teaching (mostly Pre-K) in NY and FL for 20 years. I have 4 children and 2 are still in school. We are ready to tackle Home Schooling during this crazy time and I wanted an easy to go to list of all the places I want to refer to - and since sharing is caring, here we are! Remember you are your child's biggest influence and first teacher - you don't need a degree to do this :-)

Morning Circle time's offer routine and consistency while we are home learning!

Who doesn't love to cook?

New recipes are good for the family fun!

Check out the chicken pot pie for a yummy treat, tastes better when the kids help :-)

Ever wanted to learn how to make beeswax candles?

Love this method!!

Virtual Field Trip Ideas:

Some of the sites may over lap – but still worth having these options

Click the picture to go to the site... or follow the link

20 Virtual Field Trips: Yes please! Let’s explore…



Zoos and Museums and Parks offering virtual access:

(For this list of live links you may need to log into google for access)

20 virtual field trips
gugenheim museum

12 Free Museums offering virtual tours:

Websites offering Free Educational lessons:


age of learning

Age of Learning (which is) ABC Mouse, Academy Adventure and Reading IQ:

kidact logo

Virtual Farm Tours

cow farm

Fluency & Fitness Helping Kids Exercise Their Bodies and Their Brains

Lakeshore Learning

Mostly for Pre-K and younger students but some great printables/ flashcards and worksheets

Conscious Discipline

Social Emotional Philosophy and curriculum materials

Pocketful of Preschool

Free all the time - Great ideas for teaching and creating

Starfall - learning kids love, fun and colorful activities

Pre-K -- 3rd Grade

Khan Academy

Also free all the time, but this has extensive learning lessons that a student can navigate at their level and continue to progress - Students ages 4 - 18!

Great site for story telling, books and free for a short time, take advantage!


Social Studies and current events just became easier with Time for Kids being free the remainer of this school year

Science K - 5 Lessons

National Smithsonian, How things fly? Hands on experiments, build your own paper airplanes and more!

Need a tutor? Find a college kid to tutor your K-12 student for free!

Great Sites for Science Projects:

LOTS of great do it yourself at home experiements.

Science Experiments Around the Home

In the 21st Century, homeschooling is growing increasingly popular. One of the significant advantages of teaching young minds at home is the opportunity to engage in hands-on learning.

For many children, a science lesson is a chance to indulge in curiosity and conduct experiments. At home, you will not be restricted to an hour a day. Armed with a variety of essential household items, you can enjoy all manner of educational fun.

Most science classes in the education sector divide into a trinity of sub-categories – biology, physics, and chemistry. With this in mind, let’s review suggest some home experiments under each of these fields.

Khan Academy teamed up with Disney for this free course: Imagineering in a Box - Definitely more intensive but great free opportunity for those interested!

Need some art in your life? - 10 Free University Art Classes you can take online - there is one for Ancient Egypt I am going to take myself :-)

Need a Schedule? ~~~Links for more personalization ~~~

Here is one working mom's schedule for her three children suddenly participating in remote learning (school from home)  - some people need the visual, and it is helpful to keep a routine going even while learning from home. Younger learners may have play dough or sensory time (find great play dough recipes HERE)  or even filling a bin with sand or water can be great for measuring and sensory time. Other students may add in a "Virtual field trip" or "foreign language" designation. I LOVE a learning theme, chose a favorite book or topic and try to build your day around that - like Dr. Seuss. You could read books, focus on rhyming or vocab words, them mwrite a recipe for green eggs and ham and cook it together. Then discuss Would you eat green eggs and ham? If so - where? add a page to the book with your answer. Some awesome kid recipes can be found HERE. 

Older students could  have a field day with Harry Potter literacy activities and recipes, CLICK HERE 

Most importantly, use your child's interests when ever possible. Animal lover? Learn about animals. Try to make the learning as personal as possible for the best results. And HAVE FUN! 

daily schedule

Have you thought of doing a scavenger hunt? Fun for kids of all ages, some for indoors and outdoors listed on this site,  as well as options to make your own

scavenger hunt 
free sites
free sites
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