The First Trip is the Hardest - Our First "Single" Road Trip

Updated: Aug 15

Florida - Virginia - DC - NYC - Virginia - Home

The first trip is the hardest, but like I said in my first Blog, Just go.

As a family we had always been active and had a sense of exploration - I knew that I still wanted to live and adventure, I just wasn’t sure how to make that happen on my own.

Washington DC! Zoe, Wes, Me, DJ, Josh, Jasmyn

This trip was inspired and encouraged by many people saying “come visit”, “come visit”, “come visit”! And I thought there is no possible way I can afford to do this - somehow it all fell together beautifully. Most of this was not planned ahead of time, and what was, was not well planned. Much of the journey was spontaneous and spur of the moment - but much needed. How incredible to be able to leave Florida packed with a couple weeks of belongings and go see everything we were able to experience. At the time I did not know this was the first of many long road trips we would make us a family. But this trip confirmed I COULD DO IT and we COUL