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Tower Garden Facts and Fun

You can have this Tower Garden shipped to your door in just a few days!


Tower to Table for a pesticide free organic produce experience!

The absolute best way to grow--aeroponics!💚🌱 No dirt, no weeds, no pesticides and no recalls. Being able to grow year round has been awesome!


Comes with everything you need to start growing.

You can order one to have indoors with lights, or outdoors with out. It’s a great investment in growing food that is not touched by another human being 😉 There's affordable monthly installments for budgeting purposes too!

For all of you homeschooling right now📚📊📏 It's the perfect time to order this as a teaching tool since these come with lesson plans!😃 Kids actually eat their greens when they grow them 🥦🥒

12 interest-free installments and you own it for life! Shipped directly to your door in 5-7days!

pays for itself in less than 6 months when you do not have to buy produce at the grocery store.


Produce grown on the tower is actually packed with more nutrients than store bought, and it will taste fresher. Tower gardens grow 30% more and yield 30% faster than soil gardens! They require less water - 90% less water talk about sustainable and environmentally friendly!!!

Your family can grow endless, organic, fresh and UNTOUCHED produce. Grow your own food indoors or outdoors. Remember all the lettuce/ romaine recalls? These were always still safe to eat. You do not need to rely on the grocery store for your food.

Questions? Let’s chat! 🥰

tower garden
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tower facts

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