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About Me....

Hi! I'm Melissa Jean....

I’m a mother of 4, from New York, living in Florida for the past 20 years! I’ve been a teacher for the Brevard County school district for many years, mostly in Pre-K, and I am now working as a Head Start Instructional Coach. I LOVE what I do. I have been able to work in schools my own children attended and have been a part of their educations’. It is important to me to be my children’s biggest educator. I believe by giving access to the real world around us I can help them connect to natural motivation and curiosity to expand their own learning.

As a single mama, it is a challenge to enjoy my family at home. There is always a sport to attend, practice to get to, house to clean, something to do…. the list never ends. I find we get the best quality family time by getting OUT! And enjoying the places around us. My budget is always limited. Our day trips are often planned and executed with a lot of thought infused. I have planned many itineraries and shared with friends and colleagues to help them save money while making great memories. And so this blog started to make sharing easier.

While reading you will see my children mentioned pretty regularly. Westley is my oldest, now 27. Jasmyn is my daughter, 25 and a new mama! Joshua is 18 and is just beginning college at Florida Tech. Darrien is turning 17 and plays sports in High School. They help me plan our trips often by making suggestions, and we survey what's next on our wish list. We currently are on back log of trips waiting to be lived. Life has gotten busy!!


When I rate places, it's after a full blown family conversation. We all travel well together as we've been doing this for many years now. We discuss bests and worsts and we are all generally on the same page with our rating scale, but I tell you this so you know how much thought goes into these pages. I appreciate how my kids humor my whims and wishes, by waking up early and keeping to a schedule. And they appreciate my being flexible when they request their own wishes. I am happy you are a part of the story and appreciate feedback. PLEASE share your adventures and experiences as your favorite family travels as well. 

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