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What and Why?               Seed To Soul living

An organic company that makes nature based products to promote individual healing and beauty ❤❤


 I've been trying to find the best balance with my own body chemistry, and I have tried many products. Most just dry my skin or irritate me.  Everything makes me itchy. I do have very sensitive skin. But I wanted to extend my cleansing into the bathroomm and this is a hard room to rid the toxins. All of our products have nasty chemicals which are not even allowed in other countries/ markets! I started making my own soaps, but in a very elementary way. This takes a lot of space and gets expensive fast! Then my friend Trish introduced me to MIG, Mighty in Good 😀😀 This is an answer to my prayers. MIG has since grown into Herbal Alchemy.


Jamie Cross, the owner and visionary, had already done the research and figured out how! Her ingredients and formulas are the highest level of purity and creation. This is so much more than skin care. It is intelligent use of nature put to work for us. It is healing. It is great for sensitive skin like mine and I am enjoying using these items at home - After doing research on toxins in our homes, I cleaned out the medicine cabinet, and realized some of the worse ingredients were coming from my "beauty" and cleaning rituals. There are things we use to nourish ourselves, and supplements when we can't seem to provide enough of what we need. These are intentional.


We are a community of people who, together with their families, embody authentic health, beauty, and wholeness


To restore the physical and emotional well-being of mankind through pure, authentic beauty solutions.

At Herbal Alchemy we are passionate about Living—no matter where your story takes you. Life is exciting and messy, joyous and heartbreaking, surprising and mundane.  But it’s these experiences that make us alive, so we lean into them. 

Our passion for living drives us to the great outdoors. Nature doesn’t just provide us with ingredients, it’s our inspiration and a source of infinite wonder.

Driven by our ceaseless curiosity for what the earth has to offer, we are not content to stay in comfortable spaces but actively seek out nature’s adventures. We find joy in our restorative products, not because they are an end to themselves, but because they fuel a confidence to passionately pursue a full life.

Natural products may have "not worked" for you before, but chances are the product was mislabeled. These products have zero fillers. They are all of the quality ingredients, with a result that adds pure nourishment to your body. This allows your body to do what is was created to do. Rid the toxins, nourish the system, and let it work!

What's Your Body Worth?

At our core, we fervently believe that Nature doesn’t need our help. Natural, authentic earth ingredients are sufficient for our needs and with a little ingenuity and a steadfast commitment, we can, and have, uncovered the purest remedies. 

From the beginning, we have never been satisfied with the first version of a product. A vibrant entrepreneurial spirit guides the whole MIG team as we invite each member to actively search for more meaningful solutions, energized by the challenge of innovation.

While this passion guides our creativity, our commitment to integrity grounds our practices. From our transparent commitment to never compromise on our sourcing to loading every product to the brim with active essences, we are a proactive champion for nature’s ingredients. Our enthusiastic advocacy is contagious, and together with the dependable success stories of our products, we inspire others to become enthusiastic proponents of an organic lifestyle.

What I REALLY LOVE: Each product funds efforts to fight child trafficking



This is my kit that came in the mail with all my new products to share! Samples to come....

A review of the products I've been using: Specifically the Body Lotion Bar and Collagen.

I'm so NOT a sales person. I discovered this and genuinely want to share with anyone else on this journey to ride your home of toxins, ride your body of toxins and enjoy the God Given resources we have for healing. 

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