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For my son‘s 18th birthday he wanted to make his own light saber, and luckily we are 45 minutes from Orlando with just that opportunity available. Savi‘s workshop, in Hollywood Studios Disney World, is a one of a kind adventure. It had been 15 years since the last time we had stepped foot in Disney, and we had only ever been to Magic Kingdom. I did not know where to begin. Below I will share all of what I’ve learned through research and experience to help you plan your amazing day! This day is inspired by the Star Wars saga, which during the pandemic we all watched and rewatched. The idea to be immersed in a world that only exists on a far away galaxy can be fun to give in to!

While Hollywood Studio’s caters more to the older than younger child/ individual, it is definitely a full day park. With Covid, Disney was not allowing full capacity, so it seemed to me the lower numbers in the park would make it less crowded and there fore more enjoyable, and less waiting. I felt this was a smart time to visit, between the season for perfect weather and less people entering. There were less crowds, but the lines were still pretty long!

Budget: I am a budget planner. There is no real way around the basic cost of entry. Hollywood Studios offers different prices for different days, weekends being more expensive. Also if you book in advance there are some cheaper days available. We paid $549.00 for a family of 4 to enter. For one day. Plus $25.00 for parking. Plus food, snacks, and some souvenirs… this was a "splurge" not a budget day. (Thank you stimulus) I joked with friends about us having a spending freeze until after Disney because no matter how much I planned for I didn't think it would be "enough". However, my real point here is plan accordingly and prioritize. We ate breakfast at home, we brought our own water bottles and snacks, and we planned specific meals. This made it all more fun. Was it worth every penny? Absolutely!!!

Apps: I downloaded two apps to help with the whole process: Walt Disney World

And Magic Guide. These are both crucial. Get them and use them accordingly. Play with them before hand so that you can explore how they can help you make your magical day, a happy one!

Buying tickets: Covid has made entering the park tricky.

First you purchase your tickets online and pay. Enter all your names of those in your party.

Then, reserve your day. These are two separate actions, If you plan any special events (like Savi‘s workshop) it’s a good idea to reserve that date & time first - before you reserve your day. While Josh‘s birthday was in January, February 25 was the first day available to book the build your light saber event. Also, I had specific places I had hoped to eat at and I could not even get a reservation at those places one month in advance. So while the crowd is less, they are still lining up to get in for months. February 25th it was! I went with the first available time that would allow us to build our sabers. Honestly, it all worked out great.

Note: While planning this day event I spoke to many friends who are avid Disney goers.... A few of their common themes were:

  1. Avoid Disney on a weekend, Floridians don't go to Disney on a weekend.

  2. Eat breakfast prior to entering

  3. Eat dinner after you leave. (Most common suggestions Macaroni Grill and Rain Forest Café)

  4. Plan to eat your lunch and snacks after reviewing your options, there are some good ones!

  5. Don't worry about wait times, they aren't always accurate just enjoy being there.

  6. Plan as little as possible during park hours as you won't know what time your Rise of the Resistance boarding pass will be- and you don't want to conflict in the event you DO manage to get into that ride. This ride is all the rage, and everyone is trying to get in!

Virtual queue: The My Disney Experience App will help you reserve seats in restaurants, and plan your day. The Rise against the Resistance ride is a big deal. A REALLY BIG DEAL. You can enter the queue at exactly 7 am, and 1pm. These are the only two times you can snag a place in the line for this ride. Open the app one minute before, and get your fingers ready to "join" the ride. The ride will be full with in 10 seconds, boarding groups book that fast! Connect all people in your boarding party, if you are assigned a time, be there.

*People are planning multiple days at Hollywood Studios to increase their chances of riding this ride, and if they can't board the day they are there, they will park hop to another Disney Park. We did not go that route, however there is a system people are using to plan this accordingly.

Hours: 9 - 7 (The app will show you hours by day)

Fast passes are on hold, meaning all lines are in real time, and you must wait for all rides.

Transportation: If you stay in a Disney Park, there are options to leave your car and take the air tram or shuttle. If you sleep at an area hotel, many in the area have free shuttles. Uber if not, as parking is costly, and the parking lot traffic is never fun. They did park us skipping spaces to social distance.

Masks: Are mandatory. There are a few places you can take them off and breathe. Reminders over the speakers were a buzz kill and signs everywhere a bit unnecessary, however Disney is trying to "do their part".


At 7 am from home we all attempted the first ride queue unsuccessfully. Right after, we got in the car to drive over. We knew we had one more chance at 1:00 to board the Rise of the Resistance ride. I think part of the lure is definitely the supply and demand. There is more demand than supply.

We had a goodie bag of water and snacks packed.

I printed all our receipts to bring with me to the park.

I paid for parking, $25.00

Walking in for rope drop a Disney worker stopped me to save me a step of waiting in line to get our admission cards, and scanned my reservations. I had to pull up my email for him, as the bar codes didn't print, and he gave us each a Disney card, this saved us some time. Yay for efficient workers!