Planning Your Day at Volcano Bay, Universal Orlando

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If you are in the market for a Polynesian themed water park get- a- way, plan this day asap. Universal Studio's does an amazing job with creating the experience. Once you step off the shuttle you enter a new world for the day. Music. Bongos. Tropical plants and décor. Heated water. A plan for navigating the crowd. They do provide all the environmental provisions to give you a fun-cation!

This article will help you come prepared for this excursion as it is costly and time flies when you are having fun! I know you want to get the most out of your day and not wander around wondering what to do…. With all the Polynesian appeal, the names of the attractions can be confusing. We felt like we were speaking a foreign language, saying them out loud will help with the processing of it all.

The centerpiece of Volcano Bay, Krakatau (kra-kuh-TAU), stands 200 feet above the park. I remember when this used to be our favorite water park, Wet N Wild, and I realize what they’ve done with the place it is certainly impressive. The waterpark history folklore says that the native islanders who discovered Volcano Bay, the Waturi, traveled the ocean, in search of the Kunuku. This mythical fish guided the Waturi to Volcano Bay. Upon finding this island paradise, the Waturi made it their home, adding in all kinds of slides and experiences used to celebrate the love of water. It is easy to get caught up in the story, and become a part of the tale…


Did you buy your tickets on line already?

Ok let's go then....

First: Arrival: There are several steps just to get through the gate.

To get into the water park you enter through the same parking garage as all Universal guests.

Wait in the line of cars to pay for parking, and follow the line into the parking garage. You then proceed through security, and the metal detector, allowing all things you are bringing in to be scanned through the X ray machine. Then you load into the shuttle. Yes, there’s a shuttle, it's well marked and takes you right to the park entrance.

Once you are in….. Choose your spot for the day! Mark your chairs with towels, or clothes, this may sound simple but....

Second: Seating/ Premium Seating

Ok, how much time will you be sitting? Picking a spot is the FIRST thing you need to do as you are in. Look over a map and decide where your center will be for the day. This is a big park, very spread out and you don’t want to position yourself inconveniently.

There are plenty of free seats. And lots of umbrellas around to offer a little shade. There are a few pavilion type of areas too. BUT shaded spaces surely go quickly! More reason to get there early.

If you have younger children, you might want to sit around the tadpole-friendly, smaller Puka Uli Lagoon pool.

If you do need a shaded space or more of a private hub there are upgrades available.

*Premium seating (yellow shaded seats) are near the wave pool. These padded lounge chairs have an adjustable umbrella for shade. If you take advantage of this upgrade, you can book your TapuTapu reservations from the comfort of their own seat. These seats come with a storage lock box for valuables, and have access to wait service who can serve you food and drinks. Premium seating pricing starts at $49.99 per day (excluding tax) and fluctuate based on the time of year.

*Cabanas are more than cool seating, they can serve as a private family suite! Looking like wooded tree houses and blending with the surroundings, cabanas encircle the volcano’s out skirts. There is less foot traffic and more seclusion in these areas, and come with choices of one- or two-story cabanas. Included are padded loungers, a small fridge, complimentary water and snacks. Want the VIP concierge service? No problem. You will also have access to special food and drink items delivered directly to your cabana, all while you enjoy access to all of the amazing Volcano Bay water rides. Prices vary, greatly.

If you want the FREE and Shaded area, look for these... there aren't many!

For your convenience:

*You may rent lockers

*You may rent towels as well

Do you need more time?>>>>

Volcano Bay is located directly across from the Cabana Bay Beach Resort and Sapphire Falls Resort, and a quick walk to either is pretty cool. By staying on Universal property, you are granted Early Park Admission to the theme parks. Entering an entire hour before incoming guests are able to allows a few benefits – picking a great shady spot for the day, no waits for bigger better rides, and a full day adventure. You can see how much we enjoyed staying at Cabana Bay Here, on a separate excursion.

Ok: I’m all set up for fun… Where do I go now?

Third: Play.

Play is how we learn how to live!