Tower Garden Facts, Fun, and Health

Updated: Jun 26

It’s a great time to start growing something...Since spring is almost here and we can’t get to all our favorite vendors and farmer markets like usual. Many stores lack the stock it usually has. Why not become your own farmer but with no dirt and 90% less water in a 3x5 space!

Check this out!! You can have this Tower Garden shipped to your door in just a few days!

Tower to Table for a pesticide free organic produce experience!

The absolute best way to grow--aeroponics!💚🌱 No dirt, no weeds, no toxins and no recalls. Being able to grow year round has been awesome!

Comes with everything you need to start growing ⭐ you can even keep them indoors with lights. Outside on a dolly, so you can roll it in if you decide. It’s a great investment in growing food that is not touched by another human being 😉 And monthly installments available for budgeting purposes too!

For all of you homeschooling right now📚📊📏 It's the perfect time to order this perfect tool since these come with lesson plans!😃 Kids actually eat their greens when they grow them 🥦🥒 Give the kids a job... plant, measure, grow, eat!

Good health starts with good habits, like eating wholesome foods. Right now more than ever a strong immune system is a hot commodity! We know the benefits of eating healthy. We know God put the cures right in the foods he provided, but we also know we are creatures of habit and slaves to our routines - Create a new routine!

12 interest-free installments and you own it for life! Shipped directly to your door in 5-7days! Pays for itself in less than 6 months.

Produce grown on the tower is actually packed with more nutrients than store bought, and it will taste better fresher. Tower gardens grow 30% more and yield 30% faster than soil gardens! They require less water - 90% less water - talk about sustainable and environmentally friendly!!!

Your family can grow endless, organic, fresh and UNTOUCHED produce. Grow your own food indoors or outdoors. Remember all the lettuce/ romaine recalls? These were always still safe to eat. You do not need to rely on the grocery store for your food.

Do you spend more than $50.00/ month on produce? You are already paying for one. I love saving 💲 and I love high quality 🎁✔ It is easy to build, easy to keep, and fun to watch grow!

Using aeroponics—the same technology NASA uses—you can grow year round herbs and veggies, creating a space for your own favorites. Personalize your menu and health.

Where are people growing their tower gardens? On a balcony, porch, classroom, front yard, back yard, driveway, poolside.... Yes you can put them anywhere. Urban developers are using them on rooftops as well. Chicago O’Hare International Airport is using these for growing all of their ingredients in their restaurants.

Do you want to use all your own home grown fresh ingredients for cooking?

Here are the reasons to grow your own chef tower:


Because I want to live a healthy life and have time and energy to see everything and go everywhere. May seem like a big goal, but often we are guilty of not dreaming big enough. This is 100% part of my solution.

Questions? Let’s chat! 🥰

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