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Epperson Lagoon: The Floridian Backyard Oasis You Don't Want To Miss

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Everything you need to know to plan your family fun day at Epperson Lagoon, Wesley Chapel

A little oasis in Wesley Chapel aka the middle of no where, with an upbeat vibe and great views…. Does this sound like somewhere you’d like to visit? You can join the crazy fun and climb obstacles in the middle of the lagoon, or you can find a luxury raft to float in. This unique spot can be the answer for people who like the beach but don't want to be around fish or algae, or love the springs but can't get there early enough.

Epperson Lagoon is a 7.5 acre mini water park in the middle of a burst of newly built homes. Making this the back yard of thousands of new homes recently constructed. This was meant to be a private amenity but they have opened it for public use. The lagoon itself is made out of concrete and has a liner to keep from feeling rough. If you want a clean outdoor fun spot for the day, you won't be disappointed.

Wesley Chapel is on Florida's West Coast, about 45 minutes north of Tampa. They offer a one stop shop for some summer fun. Water obstacles, huge bouncy slide, food and ice cream truck, bar and grill, and of course lots of water! Being that much of the water is shallow, it warms up with the sun nicely. Great filtration systems keep the water sparkly clean all day.

For Kids

Guest on the obstacle course must be 6 or older and at least 43 inches tall.

I will say there were a lot of bigger teens and adults up there on the obstacle course.

The kids rate is for those between the ages of 4 - 12.

If paddling or using a kayak the child must be at least 8 and in a double kayak with an adult.

To ride bumper boats solo one must be 44 inches tall and over 14. If riding with an adult must be at least 40 inches.

All of that said, the kids here were in heaven.

I didn't see one child complaining or unhappy.

Reservations and Pricing

You do need to reserve a ticket on a specific date to enter. A full day reservation for the end of July took 3 weeks to book, but I imagine this is the height of their busy season. There is also an after 3 pm entry. Full day admission tickets are $35 for an adult and $25 for a child. After 3:00 adult visitor’s pay $30.00.

Prices vary by season, and off season Adults enter for $20.00 and children enter for $10.00. Children under 3 are free.

If the day you want to visit, they are full, there is another location they will offer to you which is about 30 minutes south of Tampa, Southshore Bay Lagoon in Wimauma, FL. With a similar theme and obstacle course if you are in the Tampa area, either of these would be comparable.

Options for your day (Prices vary by season)

Included in your entry price is access to the entire lagoon pool to swim and go down the big slide. You may find a chair to lounge and set up your area. Some chairs even have umbrellas!

Access to the bouncy obstacle course in the middle of the water requires a wrist band, which is an additional $11.00 - per person. So for a 13 year old You'd be paying $46.00 for entry and obstacle course. That to me is a bit steep, especially considering I roll with a whole group!

Kayak/Paddleboards $11.

Premium Seating $16.

Tiki Rentals $75.

Cabana Rentals $149 - $209.

Aquabana Rentals $249 - $289.

As you can see, upgrades and options are plenty. We saw some people enjoying these additional amenities. I was really happy enjoying my newly found spot on the shore.

Booking your day includes the 30 foot water slide and Gasparilla Island, which is the sandy beach where all the lounge chairs are set up. I love having choices, but... Costs like this can add up quickly! No outside coolers are allowed in. You are not allowed to bring floats, but you can enter with one pool noodle per guest. Many people did had a wireless speaker to play some music.

As a family who wanted to check it out but didn’t feel the need to over indulge, we visited after 3pm. I showed my reservations on my phone and we were welcomed right in. There was no line. I am told mornings are crowded. Security checked our beach bag, and cleared us for entry. We found a nice section of lounge chairs by the island and got right into the water. The day we visited it was 100* and the water felt sooooo good. The boys went down the slide several times. My phone was over heating so I was trying to cool it off in the water bag so I could get some good pics.

Both the Reef Café and The Sandbar are available for your food and drink delights. On the day we were there food trucks were set up also with long lines to offer choices in desserts and smoothies.

I had a smoothie I greatly enjoyed.

I had a pina colada I greatly enjoyed.

My kids got some burgers and some wings.

I shared a few fries as I was looking forward to dinner later.

Everything was good, I couldn't complain.

There were a few families all around, some music from some speakers of guests, and lots of fun all surrounding us. Watching the obstacle course shenanigans was very entertaining. Some teenage boys near us were practicing their flips in the water. A family in the water played volleyball. We swam in the water then I relaxed under an umbrella chair imagining I was in Tahiti. Such a good vibe. Life felt amazing.

So booking our day was pretty easy, although I was worried about the weather in the afternoon picking a day so far in advance.

My payment receipt had these disclaimers on the bottom:

Rainchecks will only be given upon park closure due to weather. Timestamped receipts must be presented to be granted a raincheck.



Luckily it was a rainless day with lots of sun and no complaints, aside from my gps taking me the most confusing route to get there.

Questions…. Call 813-527-0775

Address: 31885 Overpass Road

Wesley Chapel, FL 33545

Upcoming events at the Lagoon feature movie nights and trivia themed nights as well.

Bottom line, if you are in the area it is worth the experience!

Tips/ Thoughts:

*Go after 3:00. Save the extra few dollars and head there after the crowd has left.

*It really is clean and a cool place to chill for a few hours. I’d love for them to stay open later with some cool lighting. I see they have Trivia on Thursday nights, I am curious... As we were leaving they were preparing for an evening event with a DJ setting up and lots of fancy people coming in....

*It is costly. Adds up quickly if you travel with a family. With other options in the area for water parks and themed water parks for much less you could visit a local community pool, and for a few dollars more you could spend a day at Aquatica. What makes this cost "worth it" is - it is different. It’s a paradise away from the rush of Orlando or Tampa where you can lay back and be in the fun zone. Not too big, and not too small. I wish it was closer to our house. It's definitely in the middle of nowhere. Not the beach, (Tampa area has been drowning in Red Tide) or a Spring (which can be hard to gain entry to), it's a man-made paradise.

*If you are in the Tampa area with a day to spare this is a good spot to spend a half day.

*Things you can bring: beach toys, digging toys, paddle balls, one pool noodle per person, umbrella, towels - sunscreen! Babies were in floaty shade chairs.

*Things you can't bring: Floaty tubes, coolers, drinks, water, food/ snacks.

*Lockers are available for your valuables, but no one wants to walk that far....

*On the website there is a "no revealing bathing suit" rule, I didn't see anyone enforcing this.

*The crowd was great. Vibe was great. People happy.

*I admittedly classify this more of a splurge and less of a budget savvy day. We all need these from time to time!

What to pack in your beach bag:

Sunscreen - there will be lots of sun even if it's cloudy. I like zinc oxide screens with LESS toxins.


Bluetooth speaker

Water bag or waterproof case for your phone

Pool Noodle

For smaller kids digging toys

A beach ball or paddle ball

Change of clothing for ride home

Water camera or go pro if you want to get some great under water shots

Debit card or cash

Overall day trip score - 8/10.

We entered just after 4:00, and our time flew by.

The heat of the day broke and the weather felt good.

As usual, I didn't want to leave when closing came. At 7 pm it was "time to go" but there was no announcement. At 7:20 as we were leaving the guys at the gate stamped my hand so I could come back in and change for the ride home. I appreciated not being rushed out, in fact all staff there was upbeat and courteous. They had some sort of event going on. I wanted to hang around to see what it was, but my kids were "too cool" to party crash lol. 🤦‍♀️

And since Josh had plans with some friends for the evening we had to stick to the schedule.

But this is what we enjoyed seeing:

While in the area... You came all the way here is there something else to see?

Highland Axe Throwing sounds like a good way to end your day.

Ford's Garage had a great menu and positive reviews as did Florida Brewing Company and Mellow Mushroom.

However, if you plan to head down to Tampa there is much more to see and do and if you are looking for more adventure, book a ride with Coming In Hot to go out in the Tampa Bay and cruise around on the luxury pontoon boat. Read our Girls Night out Adventure HERE if you want more info on this!

Affordabilty Meter: 3/10

On a scale of 1-10 how affordable is this day?

Variables: How far did you travel to get there/ food & drink choices.

Entrance fees are steep, extras can add up, and this paradise charges for beauty and convenience! While they provide a unique and beautiful day, it is far from a budget adventure. The bad weather policy is troubling, considering such unpredictable storms in Florida that pop up. If they had a family pricing plan I'd be more comfortable bringing my family there for the day. Considering the value of what you get vs. what you are paying for, I felt they could have offered a little more with the entry price. All of that being said, we enjoyed our day and I don't regret one dollar I spent, but I had to plan accordingly.

No matter where your travels take you, enjoy the journey!

Don't forget good music in the car and car snacks.

Don't forget to breathe and be present.

Don't forget to let go of all the things you can't control.

And most importantly, make the memories count.

Thank you for visiting my site, please leave your thoughts and feedback.

Mz. Savvy

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Dec 07, 2021

I really do want to go back there again, it was a pretty long car ride to get there but fun!

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Savvy Single Mama
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Definitely a fun place!

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