Memories, I'm Glad We Traveled When We Could... Lock Down Blues.

Updated: Nov 27

Thank you Facebook memories. Three years ago today we were in Niagara Falls, just arrived in Canada! Five years today, was our very first time in San Francisco as a family :-) I was standing on Pier 39 watching the seals be silly. Amazed I'd never known how engaging sea lions could be. Nine years ago today, we were at Busch Gardens riding all the roller coasters, and had to take my kids to the kiddie play area as they were not tall enough to ride! Ugh they were so little and sweet then. I loved those days! We've been doing this now for a while...

In fact last year at this time my sister and I were recuperating from the Mary J Blige concert in Tampa, and my family just returned from our South West expedition to the Grand Canyon. WE have been blessed with so many good times. It’s easy now to lose sight of our blessings and now get caught up in the hopelessness embracing our world.

2020- I had other plans !! I am allowed to be disappointed even though I am grateful for our health and home.

For spring break we were going to drive to New York and stop in Washington DC to catch some of the monuments we have missed in the past. Cherry trees, museums and history were expecting us! We were going to hang out with my uncle in Long Island and catch up with some family and friends. All our favorite foods and people in NY were there.... we were not. But this has been the year of the home. We’ve been here. Patiently (mostly) waiting for the curve to flatten, or something like that. That trip never happened.

My grandmother always said as we make plans God is laughing. She never made a plan that did not have the words ”God willing” added to the end of her sentence. And now I understand.

I really didn’t write this to complain about all the stuff we are missing. Although I miss going to the movies, dancing with my girls, and wandering through a city eating what ever I see on the side of the road.

We did salvage our Lake Lore trip to North Carolina, and while it all worked out at the last minute, I know that was good medicine for our families! It was a graduation trip for many of the kids in our group who didn't even get to walk. Planned a year in advance. Right up until the weeks before North Carolina was shut down... would it happen? We needed a change of scenery. We needed mountains, waterfalls, lake time, and laughter with friends. We needed wine from the vineyard, and to take over the outdoor seating area of the Mexican Restaurant. We needed to show up. And we did. Thankfully. Gratefully. Yes we social distanced. As a large group. We all agreed ahead of time we were willing to take the risks and felt healthy enough to do so responsibly. What a success. Hiking, boating, and eating like one huge family, building those memories we so need to get through the challenges… (and no sickness - YAY)

But: I love my home. We have had a lot of quality time here and we’ve done a few things that I did not expect just because we’ve spent so much time here. In the past I’ve said to really enjoy my family we have to get out of the house. So I’ve worked on that. It’s ok for us to have down time, and just relax here. Who knew?

In the face of covid I worked a little more, made a little extra money, and applied all of that extra money to our home. Normally this would’ve been vacation funds. But seriously, we live in Florida where most people come to vacation eventually. My house has never been this clean. The yard has never been so clean! My garden has been blooming. The dragon fruit finally flowered! We’ve been fixing some of the things that needed repair. Like the driveway. We dug out some old cracked concrete and poured more. Not very exciting but definitely needed. The light fixture on the back porch which has been broken forever – new light now. The pool area got some pressure washing and updating. We’ve been looking closely at our own home. It’s been great. Productive.

When I first created the home office back in March I was really focused on organizing the garage as I'd taken home a classroom of materials I'd never organized. So I separated items I'd use from those I wouldn't, and gave many things away. There were a few other sorting type projects. I didn’t imagine I’d be home forever. I wanted my work space to be clean and easy to navigate. Webinars, Zoom meetings and lot's of consulting took place. Then I started to teach Summer VPK toward the end of June. I can’t lie, it was hard getting myself back into my usual routine. After months of not having to leave the house in the morning, it felt a little strange being back out in the world. As much as I enjoy my job and even being active in society, it felt foreign. Waking up, showering, and leaving is a totally different life than waking up to get to the computer. Going from being remote to back in person was a little weird at first, but as it got going - felt so good! How quickly we as humans can get in or out of a routine!!!

We've been uprooted. We've been replanted. Are we all still rooted in the Earth and in our journey's? Where do we go from here?

Meanwhile, we are all more human than ever. We are more vulnerable than ever. We are more susceptible, we are more alive, and more self-aware than ever. We are forming opinions and beliefs every day based on every experience we’ve ever had up until this point. We are working together, we are working for our families, and doing the very best that we can each of us. We may not agree on how to do this but we are all in this same situation of how to best survive.

We have grown up with apocalyptic movies and songs, and are waiting for the end of the world. You may have seen a few New World Order documentaries by now. You may have read the book of Revelations by now. It’s kind of hard to deny that some of this is playing out before our very eyes and we are either in the chapter before the calamity or right on the edge of our entire system falling apart completely. Are we ready? There is a constant REM song replaying in the background “it’s the end of the World as we know it, and I feel fine….”

But just like you can manifest the end of the world by programming people to believe that it is coming any day, you can also manifest love and appreciation. LIFE. It seems as the world is falling apart, yet I personally feel stronger than ever. My fire inside of me is burning hotter than it ever has before. My convictions and faith are getting lots of watering during this down time. As men’s hea