Creating a Baby Shower Event to Remember

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Baby Shower Planning – Make A Beautiful Event To Remember

~~~My daughter is having a daughter!~~~

As we watch her belly grow and we know there is a little person joining our family we anticipate the arrival of our new baby. We want to create a baby shower experience where friends and family can gather to celebrate this occasion, and shower Jasmyn with love. As with any event, there is some thought and planning that makes it a memorable and special day.

*You may also see our graduation bash here. 🎓

Hosting two parties a month apart gave me some perspective, and incentive to keep the house up to par! Having just had a party, and many of the same people came to both, I wanted a different mood all together.

First pick a theme: We picked pink elephants.

When my daughter said this was what she wanted I had never seen any theme along these lines before and I had no vision. I had to do a lot of playing on the Internet and talking to my girls for some inspiration. I quickly found Pinterest, amazon, and other sites offering tons of photos and option for buying.

Location: Who is coming? How much space do you need? What is a central and convenient location for those coming? Consider your party needs and chose the option most suitable.

Since we just had a graduation bash last month, we decided to use: my house

We chose this because we recently had a graduation party so the house was already kind of in party mode. All the “stuff” you do before having people over was already done!

Once you choose a location - do a quick assessment of what you have and what you need.

Do you have tables? Chairs? Create a vision of how the party lay out will look and design what you want to happen.

As we have had many home parties before, I knew my space would work for about 30 people, we were planning to be inside (as opposed to outside when we had the graduation) as July in Florida is HOT! We didn't want to sizzle and bake, we wanted air conditioning and family time.

I also knew I could borrow some table cloths and platters, as I don't keep those typically.

I looked through my cabinet storage area and realized I have a LOT of glassware and decided to pull it out and use it all.

Next Steps:

  1. Invitations – can you make something personal? Merge photos and your theme together to create the first look into how this event will be!

I created these in Canva, and added a QR code linking to her registry. I downloaded my design, then uploaded it to Walgreens to print. I use Walgreens often to create cards and such, I just couldn't get the picture template I wanted for the design I'd envisioned. We added to the registry after, at this point we we just had a link connecting.

You can make a free QR code by clicking here.

In this day and age, it seemed appropriate to have an electronic version to use to invite friends and send through text or social media. I created this in Canva (you would also use a word document):

Once those were mailed out and shared we had a month to work on the rest of the details!

2. Food -Make a menu

This is a biggie, but if you know the times your event is taking place you can base your menu around your needs.

Morning showers – go well with mimosas and crepes.

Lunch showers – go well with mimosas and sandwiches or wraps

Afternoon Showers – Go well with iced tea, pasta salads and finger foods

Evening Showers - Go well dinner and wine

*We planned 1 – 4 and served the following:

Barbeque meatballs

Mac n cheese

Italian pasta salad

"Dirty" Rice

Baked buttered Hawaiian rolls

Of course - Cake

Dessert table:

Pink elephant Rice Krispy treats

Circus peanut candy