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Women's International Golf Day at Viera East Golf Club

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Raising the bar for fun playing golf, women brought out the style, determination, and laughter as only women can.

Women came out in droves on June 7th to take advantage of this free event hosted by Viera East Golf Club.

Included was a 30-minute clinic, 9-hole scramble, dinner/ dessert and drinks at the Hook and Eagle Tavern, and amazing prizes. Over 30 women came out and the energy level was completely upbeat! Networking while playing golf, lots of great connections were made on the green, and back at the hub.

How fun is golf?

As fun as you make it!

And these women showed up ready to have a great time!

Chris Games is the head golf professional, and Eddie Guerra is the program manager and golf professional. Together, these two gentlemen assisted the participants through the course. While Eddie gave the 30-minute clinic to start, Chris made sure everyone had a golf cart and a plan. Their accommodating attitudes made it easy to take on 9 holes of golf with willingness to try. Eddie offers lessons regularly and can be booked on the site at:

(More info can also be found online)

Enjoying the afternoon weather on the golf course may have started out bright and sweaty. Soon the heat of the day broke, and the weather was perfect to enjoy blue sky, breeze and exercise. Viera East is a golf cart only course – you do not have the option to walk to the holes. The ladies reported they still found this to increase their fitness activity level by focusing, driving, and even trying to find form in their putts. They enjoyed the challenge of learning and developing their approach and style. And there was lots of style! These ladies came out dressed for the part regardless of their history on the green!

While many of women who came out were giving golf a try as a novice, some of the more experienced players came with teams ready to win some cash prizes or take their chances with a raffle. $150.00 went to the team with the highest score. Teams admitted they didn’t all keep score! In fact, they had so much fun just being together and trying out the course the points weren’t even a factor. Many shared what they liked most about the day was trying something new and being in great company. While women celebrated around each hole, and built up their new skills, music and laughter carried. Some regulars said how good it was to see so many people enjoying themselves out on the course this time of day.

The 9 holes we did took us the scenic route. Rolling through a community of beautiful homes screened porches, pine trees, lakes and native marshland accented with cypress trees, it was hard not to feel nature’s power to persist and overcome. Winding pathways, sunshine and beauty – kept everyone ready to see what was happening next. Viera is known for mixing community and conservation presents a golf club here that is one of the best, most affordable public courses in Florida. Their 8th and 9th holes are a challenge with their bunkers, but on this day the women came prepared to take it on! We saw some chipping as we rode back through, but I'm not saying any names!

There was only one casualty lost during this event – a key stuck in the ignition of golf cart out at the 6th hole. The ladies promptly problem solved (hitched a ride) and back in business to continue their mission. Back to golf! The bonding time out on the green was what made this outing so successful. Ladies had the music up, danced, cheered each other on, laughed about their skills, and cheered to some great pars.

Wildlife sightings 👀

The sandhill cranes were along for the fun! These iconic threatened members of the Florida ecosystem stand almost 4 feet tall and their bugling or rattling calls are frequently heard in natural areas. They particularly love golf courses for their open settings, mowed grass and the availability of foods such as acorns, earthworms, mole crickets and turf grubs. A family of three were doing their thing while clinics continued and golfers golf. Just another day in Brevard County here.

We also spotted an actual pink flamingo! I don't think I've ever seen one outside of Busch Gardens!

Michelle Webb, Lifestyle Coordinator was able to create this event to fit the needs of the community. One woman reported, "we just don't do this enough. I'm a mom, I'm busy being a mom and I am so happy to get out and be with other mom's who are like me". There was discussion about return trips, as well as bringing out the families. "What a great way to have some quality time, learning something new out in the fresh air!", another mom shared. The raffle baskets were quite impressive, 4 baskets all geared towards wellness and self-care (something we tend to lack in today’s busy world) they each had a theme inviting lots of hope for winning. Everything from natural soaps and health products to golf bag and cooling fans.

Participants were able to select which baskets they were interested in, then tickets were drawn at the end of the evening during dessert. All of the winners were super excited to have new quality items to use.

The Hook & Eagle Tavern

For menu options see here:

Typical hours vary to offer nights of trivia and karaoke.

For this event the restaurant was closed, and kept a limited menu offered where participants preordered.

Options included the slap your mama chicken sandwich, burger, sweet & crunchy salad, or a Rueben.

All food came with a starter garden salad that was fresh and delicious, and sides. All food is made fresh daily, to order.

The tavern chips were particularly enjoyable, these are also made fresh daily.

The burger, is the best burger in town!

For dessert an Oreo cookie chocolate mousse deliciousness mmmm so yummy.

A choice of adult beverages were also provided.

This complete meal really was an excellent way to bring the event back together.

As the evening drew to a close, Michelle spoke, thanking everyone for coming and highlighted some of the plans for future events. More 9 hole scramblers and even some family events. She made sure to highlight Wine & Dine, Practice with Purpose, Bunker Practice and more.

*The putting course is free all the time.

*Driving range buckets start at $5/ 30 balls to $10/ 100 balls

*Kids play free at Viera East Golf Club!

If you are traveling through the area, Viera East Golf Course should be added to your list.

All in all this was a great event, as all who came were in fully engaged. So many conversations of introductions and networking cycled through the teams reminding us how good it is to get together.

Golf, which may be viewed as a "mans" sport, was definitely enjoyed by the women who made time to come out and give it a shot. Some of the women brought their men along with them, and they were more than willing to go with the flow.

More on Viera.... The Viera area borders 8 miles along Interstate 95 starting at exit 195 and extending south of Florida road 404. It encompasses 14,500, half of this has been set aside for conservation Viera East is a collection of neighborhoods along the Murrell corridor. While lots of new growth has occurred over the past decade, it's been well planned and laid out.

A few things make this area so unique. East of 95 the homes have a well established charm with a new twist. Growth here happened prior to the building boom and these homes have a more settled in feel. The neighbors have established their land and have a strong community.

The dog park completed in December 2021 added a huge gathering point to the neighborhood. Both small and large dog areas separated by a 6" chain link fence so they can see each other while staying safe has been all the rave in town. The park has a fire hydrant that sprays, dog houses which can be run through, and bridges on hills that mirror the children's play ground right behind it. The design was carefully laid out to make this experience fun for the pups.

The natural play ground which opened in January 2022 added a great space in Woodside Park. Meant to create a space for children to roll down hills, run through hobbit holes, and climb a spider web, the no plastic nature approach helps you remain in the element. Connecting with the earth and each other, parents can play with their children in the mud kitchen, or even climbing a tree. At the swing set, there is a handicapped swing with wheel chair access. This amazing play ground was built with the help of the Brevard Zoo, who also participate regularly in the Viera East Farmer's Market. Nature play grounds are the latest trend in play ground building, recently proven successful by botanical gardens. See more on that here. Along with some nature trails, these areas stay occupied by residents taking advantage of beautiful landscaping and native Florida foliage.

Woodside Park Farmer's Market happens every month on the 2nd Saturday. This brings local small businesses and artisans right to residents for an artistic and creative opportunity to shop from the makers directly. A variety of jewelry, plants, art, natural products, health & wellness, organic coffees, soaps, and food trucks can be found each month.

The Brevard Zoo, recently rated the 4th Best Zoo in the Country, has some of the greatest activities and hands on fun anywhere. Examining lagoon life and experiencing the interactive moments will fill your heart like gold! The Tree Top Trek experience is one of a kind allowing participants to zip line over gators and crocodiles. Have fun navigating the obstacles. Read more about the Tree Top Trek here: Tree Top Trek Adventures

Golf carts?

Are very easy to drive by the way!

First time driver of a golf cart here and it didn't take me long to feel competent behind the wheel. It was waaaay more fun than I thought it would be. When I heard the blue tooth speakers come on with all kinds of music playing I knew it was going to be awesome event, and I was happy to be a part of it.

Golf as self-love?

Giving yourself more space for your hobbies, interests and socialization could boost your self-esteem and confidence. Not to mention enjoying the outside and being in nature while learning a new sport of enjoying this activity will surely increase the happy vibes. We all know serotonin is increased with additional vitamin D exposure. Human skin has an inherent serotonergic system that appears to generate serotonin. Serotonin is a dose of happy in the rays of the sunshine! specializes in family adventures on a budget.

Check out my home page for lots of great ideas for road trips and day trips with lots of cost saving ideas!

Photo Collage:

Remember wherever you travel to enjoy the moment.

Take the day trips!

Explore & Adventure more - you will thank yourself later.

Give yourself the time you need to get your mindset right.

And always make time for your own being!

Thank you for joining the journey,

Mz. Savvy

Come travel with me! Create your Zen as we escape into a magical kingdom!


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Michelle Webb
Michelle Webb
Jun 12, 2022

Women's International Golf Day was so much fun! Thank you for such a great write up on the day and everything about Viera East! It's such a great place to live!

Savvy Single Mama
Savvy Single Mama
Oct 28, 2022
Replying to

You are very welcome, I enjoyed every minute.

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