Girls Night Out in 2020: Tampa Style~

Updated: Aug 7

Girls night.... sometimes we modify but we do not skip~!

When we started the tradition six years ago we needed to connect with our homegirls and make quality time for our selves! Girl power is a real thing. When the women get together it’s refreshing and restoring to our beings. It’s easy for busy working women mamas to get caught up in the day to day and lose sight our friendships and even ourselves. Our getaways were well planned weekends to include down time, good food, some exploring in the fresh air and a night out on the town we are visiting. A group of ladies who had all crossed path in different places, some life long bonds, others through work or kids, but we formed a tribe.

Previous Trip to Saint Petersburg, 2018

We’d decided to have quarterly girls’ nights. We would find a place halfway between all of our home, find good quality/ cheap hotel rooms, split the costs and spend a couple days together laughing, venting and enjoying the grown-up time. There is usually karaoke there is always dancing! In any event, we were on a roll! Quality good times makes for better moms/ women back at home.

At some point quarterly turned to semiannual, and then to annual ☹. Life gets busy. Kids get into sports and parents and households can be demanding to manage. But we all kept in touch and looked forward to our quality time away from the world just us being our tribe :-)

Our most recent trip was to Cocoa Beach and we had been missing each other...