How To Enjoy a Business Trip To Miami

Updated: 4 days ago

I certainly never imagined myself having a few childless days in Miami Beach paid for by my employer, but wonders never cease.

So this blog is a little outside my norm. This is for the adult who is committed during the day to long training sessions but still wants to enjoy the area while in Miami.

You could also adapt this if you spend your days at the beach (with the kids/ fam) and just want some adult activity after hours :-)

I will review the places my co-worker and I visited and give any suggestions for how to spend the least and enjoy the most while in Miami. These are not my typical child friendly locations!

We stayed at :

The Confidante (click to connect)

4041 Collins Ave

Miami Beach

The rooms were clean and comfortable. I had an Ocean view and my coworker had the City/River view. We were both on the 12th floor, not far apart. Both huge windows offered an amazing world below with drastic colors and picturesque scenes.

I called downstairs and asked if they had a microwave in the lobby area and they asked if I would like a microwave bought up to my room. I said yes and it was promptly delivered! The refrigerator was already full with a variety of drinks and fancy waters which I had to remove to fit my own selection in. I was not paying their outrageous prices for snacks. However, if I’d been in need there was a great variety.

Fridge came stocked with pricey drinks!

We found the staff very courteous and helpful, and enjoyed the location and decor! A variety of family activities such as ping pong, big Jenga, and chess were set up outside in the lounge area. A choice of two different pools, one for families and the other for adults only bordered each side of the walk way out to the boardwalk. The boardwalk connects right beyond the pools and the Atlantic Ocean is just behind there. You can walk for miles in either direction on the walkway running north and south along the ocean along the Hotels. The water is Bermuda Blue at every glance and the sea grapes and palm trees remind you paradise is real. There are a few bicyclers, and stray cats but the walk itself is perfect for the active person or the wanderer. The Hotel building has historical relevance and has been remodeled, making a distinguished blue icon helping find your spot in the sea of hotels and resorts.

Out door lounge/ game area

Night 1: Monday night we walked down to South Beach, which was approximately 2 miles south of the Confidante. It was a beautiful November night with perfect weather and we enjoyed the leisurely stroll. (We did Uber back). We stopped at ESPN Sports Bar aka the Clevelander. It is hard to miss. Loud DJ on the corner, open floor plan, no cover for entry, and very inviting. Palm trees, multiple outdoor curbside bars and flashing lights. The music was good and the crowd was decent for a Monday! But it may have still been early around 9 PM no one was dancing. So we sat at the bar and had a drink. I had a piña colada which was very well-made. We did dance a little bit before heading down the road a little further.

Our next stop was Mango’s. I was not sure what they would have going on for a Monday night but I have been there before on the weekends and know that it is always a good time. And Monday did not disappoint! The dance floor was filled with people spinning and twirling and lots of positive energy. The Spanish flavor was definitely hitting the spot and we stayed there for a couple hours and danced. Good crowd. Good music. Great time!

Ubered back around 11:30 pm

Monday night 5 stars!

Night 2: Tuesday we chose to join some of the trainers in a dinner at Scarpettas, a most delicious Italian Restaurant located inside the Foutainbleau Resort. This was in walking distance and we walked up and back easily. We did call and make reservations as we heard this was a busy location. When we got there we were seated right away, there was not too much of a crowd all though it was building. I don’t usually comment on the waiter, however, our waiter could have easily been the owner. He took real pride in knowing his stuff. He explained the menu and the ingredients with precision and expertise! In fact everything he described sounded scrumptiously delicious. I ate some duck foie gras ravioli which was $26.00. I had never tried this delicious selection before but oh it was super yummy! Each of us got something different and many of us sampled each other’s just because everything was mouthwatering! I had a glass of Rose to go with my meal and my dinner was $65.00. They include a suggested gratuity in the bill.

Night 3: Wednesday

Training was serious today! At least during our lunch break we watched some whales from the window playing in the ocean down below! We were ready for some area appreciation.

After a little stroll down to the beach to collect some treasures and also some trash (recent storms seemed to wash up a lot of things) we decided to go to Wynwood Walls and go see the street art and check out that area. This night turned into quite an adventure! As it was about 12 miles away we decided to get an Uber. At 6:30 on a Wednesday night between traffic and possibly higher demand Uber was showing a higher rate than expected. I suggested that we walk down a little ways and cross the street before calling for Uber that w