Finding Art in the World of Chaos

Updated: Jun 26

When art feels good, it feels so good! One man's (woman's) beauty is another's therapy.

Art was my first love. Or first bridge to self-love. I discovered it during high school when my guidance counselor grimly sat me down and broke the bad news about how my terrible attendance and cutting classes was going to impact senior year. I had no “sequence” and needed to double up on gym and another subject to earn my diploma. I picked art. I don’t know why. I think my choices were limited. I actually took creative writing and creative drawing and studio art that year as electives, and I was in Heaven.

The art teacher at Oyster Bay High School set up still life displays and provided different methods for us to explore all kinds of things. We were allowed to listen to what ever music we wanted to in art class. I liked where the art room was located and it felt good to be in there. I should mention our schools and art program were well funded and we were encouraged to try different mediums, we had every available material with in reach. She was able to provide us with an art education. (They don't call it the Gold Coast for nothing)