Family Adventure Fun ~ A Week in Lake Lure, North Carolina

Updated: Jun 26

Our family trips are usually a bunch of fun stops along the path ending at a final destination for the remainder of the time. This trip was very different!

We planned a one week multifamily adventure to commemorate the graduating seniors in the group, and to throw a family trip mixed with friends, mountains, lake, and lifetime memories.

My question.... can we spend one week in the same place? The whole time?

Our answer: Absolutely.

Here is how to enjoy a week in Lake Lure with your friends/ family!

The Teenagers, we were a little out numbered!

Road Trip Travels:

First - Snacks! Make sure you have some favorites for each person in the car. Stock up on drinks and items that would be tempting to stop for. Bring items to hold over hunger (granola bars or premade sandwiches).

Second - Music! Good music can help the trip drive go smoother. Especially those favorites you haven't heard in a while!

Third - Riding Buddies: Find someone you are riding along with. Sometimes we just have a random driver going the same direction and stick together!

  • On this trip we planned to stop in GA for gas,and get Chi Fil A in Columbus, SC. We knew it was an 8 hour drive and we could leave at dawn, and be in Lake Lure to food shop, check in, unpack, and be in the lake by sunset!

The House:

Make the house a home! - Find a place that meets your needs. Check your group to make sure your sleeping and privacy needs can be met where you stay. Some people are fine on a couch or air bed, others may really need a private room with a big bed to make the week successful. Consider how much space you need, how many bathrooms, wifi, cooking abilities, and amenities you will require. Also consider how much time you plan to spend there!

Lake Lure has MANY options for Air Bnb or cabin rentals. Some are definitely bigger or more expensive. My advice is get on the lake! And find something with a boat or pontoon included in the rate. You will save money in the long run as hourly rentals add up fast.

We picked this house collectively:

*Each bedroom has it’s own bathroom and then some! A seven bathroom house is awesome when there's lot’s of people. Makes getting up and out faster!

*The GAME ROOM was awesome! Pool, air hockey, basketball, and more more more fun!

*LOTS of sleeping areas. We all could spread out. The parents had privacy, the kids had their community.

*Direct lake access, and it came with a pontoon – SCORE! In Lake Lure this is a must have for us, we want to be on the lake with unlimited time frame. It can get costly to rent a boat or other other water sport items, so having a house that came with pontoon, paddle boards, kayaks, and tubes was a great investment for us. We still rented a ski boat on our final night, more on that later!

The Area:

Research things to do in the area. I will list our favorites below but make your daily plans known to your group. Do you want to plan outings? Hikes? How do you plan to eat? Will the whole group go or smaller groups with in? Make your needs and expectations known, but understand if other people traveling with you don't want to spend their precious vacationing time in the same way.

Lake Lure is perfectly located in an area surrounded by beautiful nature and picturesque scenery. There are good local restaurants and we have made favorites. Most days didn't go very far from the lake, but we did plan a hiking Day, for everyone to do together. I made my bucket list items known to my kids in advance and explained that I would make sure they had their friend time in abundance as long as I could get my family quality times and do a few things I had hoped. We all agreed and this made for real happy times. The village of Chimney Rock is quaint with all you need to make your week what you hope for. A mix of family time/ adult time available.

Here are our favorite things to do/ Our itinerary:

~~We are a busy family that likes to be active~~

Day 1: Road trip! Travel safely. Arrive!

Ingles food store - food shopping for the week (each family had dinner shifts and we all pitched in for breakfast, lunch, snacks, drinks. We were in and out of the store pretty quickly as we coordinated the major items. (We still ended up with 40 bananas because we all grabbed a bunch)

Checked into our home - This was the fun part. We had picked the perfect house. We all quickly unpacked and got settled then met down by the boat house.

Pontoon on Lake Lure - the plan was to be in Sunset cove for sunset. What a perfect day. The beginning of our week together was off to a great start. We had time to cruise around and stop by Lake Lure Adventure which is the little shack on the lake that supplies all your water sport needs. We have been there many times and gotten to know the family who run this business so it is good to check in with them, and catch up. Also grab a few souvenirs for the road! We like to troll through and check out the changes in landscape and ride by all our favorite places. Reminiscing of previous trips and appreciating all the property landscaping. If it is your first time just drive in and out of each finger of the lake and check it all out. Lake Lure is well known for the Movie Dirty Dancing being filmed on location. You will recognize some of the places.

Lake Lure Adventure

Speaking of Favorites.... Larkins Lakefront Bar & Grill - This first stop was for a round of margaritas. There would be many stops during the week for food and or drinks as needed, but pulling up to the dock and walking up to the bar was refreshing in itself. Their drinks are well made. The burgers are also perfect. It's so convenient and the prices are reasonable. Delish!!