Let's Throw North Carolina into our NY Summer Vacation

Updated: Jun 26

Our usual road trip to NY took a wonderful 5 day detour into the mountains!

If you've seen any of my other travel itineraries/ blogs you know we perfected the art of driving from Florida to New York, with a well planned quality lay over in Virginia. We made Washington DC and Virginia regular places we loved to visit. Then, something changed! Our friends who lived in Chester VA (which by the way is the perfect half way point when road tripping from Fl to Long Island) moved. Sadly, we were forced to return to our previous mentality and "drive straight through". After one of those attempts miserably failing (once you get used to enjoying the ride it's really hard to drive straight through) we decided to rewrite our map. ** For those who know our family, yes this trip is minus one - the oldest Wes stayed in Florida to work and watch the dogs. Our old pit bull was not aging well at this point and Wes took care of him and worked **

Flexibility is the key to having a good time!