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*Fly from Orlando MCO ---> LAS

*Dinner at airport

*Flew out at 7:20 PM

I love that we gain three hours here :-) that was my favorite three hours!

*Landed at McCarran airport at 9:30

*Shuttle to Fox rent a car (this was time consuming but worth the saved money)

*Drove to the Luxor!    

*Checked in - time consuming process! 

*Went to room and unpacked

*Raced back out for sight seeing

*Caught the grand finale of the Bellagio fountains (shows are every 30 minutes ending at midnight)

*Walked the strip

*Hotels hopping, wandered through the atriums, shops and sights

*In & Out Burger 

*Return to the Luxor and REST! 


I chose this flights because of the time and price. It was a good deal. School got out the day before and I wanted a little time to organize for such a long trip. Looking back I needed a 9 AM flight and more time to explore Vegas. I did not properly assess the time needed to get from the air port to the rental to the hotel and back out. I thought the time I allotted would be good, but it was not enough time. 

They have hotel parking free for one hour at many locations and so we took advantage of this twice! Move the car - it is more spread out than expected! Yay for free parking! 

Would I recommend the Luxor? Absolutely. STAY in the pyramid. There are hieroglyphics and Egyptian artifacts all around. It is cool. The elevator is interesting, it travels side ways on a pulley system. My kids were amazed with that. The whole place is big and massive. You feel like you are transported into the Mummy or Cairo itself. Your room is slanted. It is cool. Just know you wont have a fridge or microwave. And that you will pay for parking if you stay longer than an hour. And there is a resort fee. So if you plan for all of this you will not be disappointed. Their pools are extravagant! Luxurious and 100% unique. This is all about the experience. I was really wishing I could have afforded a whole day and night there. Just to see more and do more. The Luxor did not disappoint. Budget wise, I was off to a good start. Time wise - I was craving more.


* More time! We did not have enough time to get to Fremont St

* I would have like to have seen some of the Street performances

** An earlier flight would have given more time, but I opted for the nonstop flight that left a little later. My only other option was super early in the morning, which I probably would have also been unsatisfied with at some point**

Day 1 Costs:

Flights – 1 way trip from Orlando to Las Vegas for 5 = $1160. (Although this was paid 5 months prior to trip itself)

Rental Car – Fox - $570.00/ 18 days (paid at pick up with a $250.00 deposit)

Hotel – The Luxor - $159 (advertised for less, this includes the resort fee)


Dinner at the airport – I let the kids pick this, and we all ate something different in the food court = $46.00

Drinks on the Vegas strip – (don’t judge) $25.00 (This is the price for 3 drinks at a street kiosk - some of these were nonalcoholic or it would have been much higher)

In & Out Burger - $16.00

Daily Total - $1976

This is not a true reflection as the flights and rental car are probably NOT really included, but as this is a day by day accounting list it will have to go here.



The Luxor Vegas

The Day 1

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